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Humans are such complicated creatures. And we lead complicated lives. They needn't be, but outside influences tend to get in the way of us just being ourselves. Everyone tries to tell us what to be. Be good. Be honest. Be brave. Be a good student. Be a good spouse, parent. Be good at your job.… Continue reading Be

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Keep calm and be Crazy.

I love this lady; I think I want to be her when I grow up... I mean IF I grow up... She's totally herself and doesn't care what others think. How refreshing. The last part of the quote really got to me, "This is the oldest you've been, and the youngest you'll ever be again".… Continue reading Keep calm and be Crazy.

walk with the dreamers
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Walk with the Dreamers

I love this quote, it's filled with so many possibilities. Are you a dreamer? A visionary? Are you courageous or successful? No? Then surround yourself with those who are. Being around like-minded people who share the same vision, encourages you to greatness. It's reminding us to be around the people who inspire us. Who lift… Continue reading Walk with the Dreamers

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Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it's what keeps humans alive.   Imagine if Thomas Edison, Henry Ford or Steve Jobs weren't curious. If they were satisfied with their worlds just the way they were, what a vastly different world this would be today. If no one had looked up at the stars and… Continue reading Curious?

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Please take one

Need a smile today? Please take one. Have you ever seen those ads people tape to walls and posts with little ripped tags at the end of them with the person's name and phone number on them so you can rip them off and use them later? That's what this is, a little take home inspiration.… Continue reading Please take one

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Where is your Creative Sanctuary?

Today I found my creative sanctuary only a few minutes walk from my front door. It's amazing how such a beautiful place can be in the middle of suburbia; it's nestled between a main road and a housing estate.Who would have thought it was here, hiding behind a row of trees and bushes. To be… Continue reading Where is your Creative Sanctuary?

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Creative Life

6 ways to start living a creative life:  Live fully in each moment. Give it the attention it deserves. Pay attention to what is going on around you, observe people and study human nature, it'll help you grow as a person. Embrace your originality and your imperfections. These are qualities that make you special, don't… Continue reading Creative Life

Change the world, change yourself
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Yesterday I was clever…

Yesterday I was so Clever I wanted to change the world, Today I am Wise so I'm changing myself. - Rumi How are you changing your own personal world? If you think you are so insignificant that nothing you do matters, think again! YOU are a vital piece of the puzzle and every little change… Continue reading Yesterday I was clever…

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Don’t Let the Vampires Get to You!

This is currently my favourite creative quote. It's by Vincent Van Gogh. He heard the vampires. Heard them telling him that he couldn't paint; wasn't  good enough. He was a troubled soul and  eventually succumbed to them, but for a while he silenced the vampires by doing what he did best - creating something out… Continue reading Don’t Let the Vampires Get to You!