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Who are you?

When you introduce yourself to someone new, do you say, 'Hi, I'm Jacqui, I am an accountant / am a doctor / sell shoes etc.' Is that who you really ARE? Or is it what you do for a living? Who are you REALLY? If you love to scribble down ideas in a journal or… Continue reading Who are you?

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Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it's what keeps humans alive.   Imagine if Thomas Edison, Henry Ford or Steve Jobs weren't curious. If they were satisfied with their worlds just the way they were, what a vastly different world this would be today. If no one had looked up at the stars and… Continue reading Curious?

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Please take one

Need a smile today? Please take one. Have you ever seen those ads people tape to walls and posts with little ripped tags at the end of them with the person's name and phone number on them so you can rip them off and use them later? That's what this is, a little take home inspiration.… Continue reading Please take one

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Strong mind, Strong actions 

Today in my yoga class, the teacher encouraged us to create our own mantra to chant as we did our practice. The mantra could be a word or words to chant inwardly so I chose, "strong mind, strong body". As I was struggling to hold Downward Dog (I have very poor upper body strength so… Continue reading Strong mind, Strong actions 

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What makes your soul soar?

If we take a moment away from the loud craziness of life just to sit and be, we can listen to the small voice inside that tells us what we really want. What makes your soul soar? To create something original? To sing? To take a week off work and read book after book? To… Continue reading What makes your soul soar?

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The longer you wait…

Don't you wish you had a time machine? If I could go back to when I was a teenager, I would have started putting money into my super / savings account / learned a language / exercised more. So many possibilities... After all these years I could have bought a house (or two)/ retired early… Continue reading The longer you wait…

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A lazy person’s guide to mid-year resolutions

Happy New year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (financial year, that is...) Hello July, you're  here at last, we're halfway through  the year already!  Really? I'm sure it was February only a week or two ago. But here we are. Let me ask you a seemingly random question: How do you eat an elephant? Ponder on that for a minute while you… Continue reading A lazy person’s guide to mid-year resolutions

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Where is your Creative Sanctuary?

Today I found my creative sanctuary only a few minutes walk from my front door. It's amazing how such a beautiful place can be in the middle of suburbia; it's nestled between a main road and a housing estate.Who would have thought it was here, hiding behind a row of trees and bushes. To be… Continue reading Where is your Creative Sanctuary?